Passionate Paws & Claws began its journey in 2009. We started out pet sitting and caring for friends and family members pets. Shortly after, we lost our puppy in a tragic incident due to the negligence of a pet caretaker… enough was enough…and we decided there was no one better to care for the pets in our community. When people enjoyed the experience their pets had with us, they told their friends and families too! It wasn’t long before we dedicated a phone line, car, and schedule into providing pet services.

Christopher and myself are the owners of Passionate Paws & Claws, LLC. We have both been caring for all types of animals since early childhood. Currently, we have 11 pets of our own.

Chris enjoys animal behavior and observing animals in their natural habitat. He has raised and trained many dogs using positive reinforcement and redirection methods and has a natural way with them.

I have been a Veterinary Technician for 10 years gaining experience with the proper handling and care of all types of companion animals. I believe that client education is very important and I like to share advice and answer questions on pet care tips & techniques.

As an experienced Veterinary Technician I know how to properly handle pets that may be fearful or aggressive. We are able to handle pets that have trouble standing due to previous surgical operations, arthritis, and other medical conditions. We regularly obtain new clients with pets that were “refused” at other grooming facilities due to their behavior or their medical status. We schedule these pets appropriately so that we can accomplish a great new haircut and so we are able to be through and compassionate during their services.

We combine passion with safety and professionalism in every client interaction. We have implemented the skills learned from hands on veterinary experience while focusing on the art of grooming and remaining through, safe, and gentle with the animals we are working with. This has been key to establishing an important relationship with our clients and their pets.

Buddha Luigi “Our Boys”