Diabetic Care  

 When you own a diabetic animal, you have a dedicated routine to follow and it is important to make sure your pet is eating well, to monitor their thirst, and any fluctuation in their weight. If your pet is on Insulin, their blood sugar levels should be regularly monitored to ensure you are giving the appropriate dose. We can work with your Veterinarian and report our observations to them. We can do blood glucose curves in the home allowing the animal to be tested in a more comfortable environment. We can also come to the home to administer Insulin Injections. This means you can feel safe knowing that your diabetic pet is cared for properly while you go away!

Medication Administration

 As an Experienced Veterinary Technician I have been medicating dogs and cats for a long time. I can administer medication orally, topically, subcutaneously , intramuscularly, and intravenously AS PRESCRIBED by your Veterinarian. We do Insulin Injections, Allergy Injections, Adequan Injections, Vitamin B12 Injections, Famotidine Injections, Subcutaneous Fluid Administration, Antibiotics, Antihistamines, Anti-Anxiety Medication, Pain Medication, Thyroid Medication, Seizure Medication, Incontinence Medication, Anti-Nausea Medication, Supplements, Lysine, Hair Ball Remedies, and more.

Cats with Kidney Insufficiency

 If you own a cat that is showing signs of renal failure, your Veterinarian at a point may ask you to give your cat Subcutaneous Fluid Therapy at home. This is something YOU CAN DO if your cat will tolerate it. We can come to your home and teach you how to set up the supplies, administer the fluids, prepare the fluids for the next administration, and give you tips on how to handle and restrain your cat for subcutaneous fluid administration. We can come a couple times until you get the hang of it. Or we can continue to come as many as times as you need to feel comfortable doing it.

Nail Trim  

Clipping and/or Rounding the Nails is important to your pet’s health. Neglected nails can contribute to poor posture, slipping, falling, breaking or tearing of the nails, and arthritic pain. It is difficult to say how often your pet’s nails will need to be addressed. In general, if you can hear the nails “clicking” across a hard surface as they walk – they are due for a nail trim. Some pets have long quicks (nerve inside of the nail) and they may need more regular nail trimming. We are happy to set up a routine nail trimming visit or your can call us as needed.

Ear Cleaning

Every dog will need its ears cleaned periodically. Which is something any pet owner can do at home once taught how to do it properly. Some dogs & cats have chronic ear problems from a build up of excess waxy debris in their ear canal. These pets will need frequent thorough ear cleanings to maintain the health of their ears. We use Veterinary recommended ear cleansing solution and soft gauze pads to clean your pet’s ears, we also use medical grade cotton swabs to scoop the wax out of the “nooks and crannies.”

Brush Out

We come prepared with a tarp, vacuum, and all of our tools - we can brush out your pet indoors or outdoors. We will be sure to spend a significant amount of time removing the undercoat and excess hair from your pet’s coat. We start with the undercoat, and then we go throughout their whole body with professional grooming equipment including a variegated flea comb, slicker brush, currycomb, and FURminator®. We blow and fluff your pet’s coat and brush in a coat conditioner with an odor neutralizing scent. We often recommend this service between grooming to ensure the removal of excess hair smothering your pet’s skin. This process encourages the healthy oils of your pet’s coat and allows their new season growth to come in naturally. This enables them to warm/cool themselves properly and they are much more comfortable all around.

Hygienic Clip

Removal of the hair over the paw pads, the wispy hairs over the toes, the hair covering the genital area and the hind end. We will also trim any feathering on the back of the legs if requested.

Anal Gland Expression

Dogs have glands just inside of their anus called Anal Glands. These glands secrete odorous material over their bowel movements for identification purposes back in the days of the pack. They can secrete this material when nervous, frightened, or excited. Because we have bred dogs to be so different in size and shape - ranging from the magnificent Great Dane to the Chihuahua –their anatomy doesn’t always produce the ability for our pet’s to express their anal glands properly or completely. If not expressed on its own, the anal sacs become full of the material and this causes pressure and discomfort near your pet’s hinds end. Your dog may show signs like sitting down frequently, licking at their tail base or hind end, or scooting across the floor. Once the anal glands are expressed, they are much more comfortable and generally will not show these signs until it is necessary to express the anal glands again. We do not express the anal glands of every dog that comes to us for grooming. We will only express the anal glands if requested by the owner.

Pet Sitting

For Pet Sitting we start with an initial Consultation at no charge. We come out to your house to meet you, your pets, and your family. This is to ensure we are familiar with your pet and they are familiar with us. We also take this time to learn your routine and the location of your pet care and cleaning accessories.

We can do up to 4 visits per day. We do early morning, morning, afternoon, evening, and late night visits. We do not do overnight pet sitting. If you are in need we can recommend somebody to you. During our visits we spend quality time with your pet(s). We make sure to feed them, clean their bowls and provide fresh water, administer medication, take them on a nice walk, or completely scoop our their litter boxes. We will play with them and cuddle with them based on your routine and request. Our goal is to ensure they are safe and comfortable while you are away.

We also make sure to turn on and off lights if requested to give the appearance that someone is home. We will bring in your mail/delivered packages and we will water plants as needed per your direction.

We have cared for dogs, cats, rabbits, guinea pigs, rats, mice, gerbils, sugar gliders, squirrels, degu, turtles, lizards, monitors, chinchillas, birds, horses, goats, chickens, alpacas, and many more. We do not discriminate against any breed or size. We are also willing to care for scared and aggressive pets.

Pet Training

We start with an initial training consultation, this is where we come out to the house and sit down with everyone who will be involved with the pet’s everyday life and training. We find out the family’s current concerns and what their goals are for the individual pet(s).

During the visit we come up with a plan for the frequency and what different things we will be working on during each visit. Of course this can be customized to fit the needs of any pet or family.

After your pet is evaluated and we determine together that training will be positive and rewarding. We will design the best training for your pet. This can be customized to the special needs of each individual family. Your time is valuable to us and we work hard to schedule a training that will be most effective for your pet and your budget. We do not require lengthy commitments or memberships. Through our commitment to personalized training we believe we will provide a one of a kind experience.

We offer a solution to any pet training/behavior/general health and grooming problem. It doesn't matter the age of the animal or it’s capabilities, we are excited to unleash the potential of every pet. Along with training your pet to respond to commands and correction we offer other educational training advice. We help identify and eliminate behavioral problems. No matter the age of the pet, In addition to our grooming services we offer education on proper maintenance to the coat before and after professional grooming. We offer advice on general wellness and health and work with you and your pet to find the best possible answer. No matter where this takes us.

We also do in home puppy consultations to educate new pet owners on raising puppies and introducing obedience and socialization properly, and we are happy to share advice on pet-care accessories.