Pet Training

We start with an initial training consultation, this is where we come out to the house and sit down with everyone who will be involved with the pet’s everyday life and training. We find out the family’s current concerns and what their goals are for the individual pet(s).

During the visit we come up with a plan for the frequency and what different things we will be working on during each visit. Of course this can be customized to fit the needs of any pet or family.

After your pet is evaluated and we determine together that training will be positive and rewarding. We will design the best training for your pet. This can be customized to the special needs of each individual family. Your time is valuable to us and we work hard to schedule a training that will be most effective for your pet and your budget. We do not require lengthy commitments or memberships. Through our commitment to personalized training we believe we will provide a one of a kind experience.

We offer a solution to any pet training/behavior/general health and grooming problem. It doesn't matter the age of the animal or it’s capabilities, we are excited to unleash the potential of every pet. Along with training your pet to respond to commands and correction we offer other educational training advice. We help identify and eliminate behavioral problems. No matter the age of the pet, In addition to our grooming services we offer education on proper maintenance to the coat before and after professional grooming. We offer advice on general wellness and health and work with you and your pet to find the best possible answer. No matter where this takes us.

We also do in home puppy consultations to educate new pet owners on raising puppies and introducing obedience and socialization properly, and we are happy to share advice on pet-care accessories.